Beginner Piano Lessons

Dekalb School of Music’s piano lessons are very different from traditional piano lessons. At Dekalb School of Music, our piano teachers embrace the fact that alot of kids may not initially like it or grasp the concept, and get the students to love and have playing the piano by teaching them to play popular songs and implementing basic concepts and skills like finger placement, scales, pedaling, and key differentiation. We start with private lessons and recitals to prepare our students to play live in a performance of alone for fun. Dekalb School of Music’s core philosophy is that performance-based music education is the best way for students to gain confidence musically.

Intermediate to Advanced Piano Lessons

As our students begin progressing through Dekalb School of Music’s beginner piano lessons, and we notice a tremendous amount of progress, we’ll move them up to a more challenging intermediate/advanced piano lessons. This is where students will develop their extended skills and immerse themselves deeper into learning all of the ins-and-outs of the piano through private lessons, and live performances on stage.